Eagle Creek - Great Smoky Mountains National Park - Photo Copyright 2007 Grant Holzworth (By permission)






Sal-mon`-id: Any fish of the family Salmonidae (Trout, Salmon, Char, Whitefish, and Grayling). Known to inhabit coldwater ecosystems and to have low tolerance for habitat degradation.


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April 25, 2013


North Carolina State Council

Trout Unlimited's Mission: "to conserve, protect and restore North America's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds."

The North Carolina State Council of Trout Unlimited, and its individual Chapters, carry that mission for the residents, sportsmen/sportswomen and TU members of North Carolina.

2015 Rivercourse is just around the corner!Rivercourse photo

Registration for the 2015 Rivercourse Camp will open soon. The date for the 2015 camp in June will be announced shortly. Read more about Rivercourse!


Wild Brook Trout artwork donated by Jason Borger especially for Trout Unlimited - North Carolina State Council to help raise funds to launch the Back the Brookie  concept back in 2003.  TU National now directs those efforts started by NCTU.

Back the Brookie - WE MADE IT!!

Back the Brookie License Plate

NCTU is proud to announce that the Back the Brookie license plate is a reality for the residents of North Carolina! Read all about it and complete the application today or better yet just go the the Back the Brookie NCTU License Plate - North Carolina State Council and order one today!


South Mountain State Park (SMSP) Conservation     Effort

The conservation effort at SMSP is a joint multi-year (2013-2018) partnering program to enhance the preservaiton, protection and management of the wild and native trout in the South Mountains of North Carolina. The conservation effort is sponsored by NC State Parks and RRTU as well as supported by NC WIldlife Resources Commission, NCTU, and TU. Read more about it...Projects of Trout Unlimited - North Carolina State Council


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